Wengie Gets You Going With Her Morning Routine


Wengie is a sensation on YouTube with her beauty blogs and shares her morning routine with style and enthusiasm. This routine is very motivating and will get everyone starting their day with style. Watching this video will definitely help with those sluggish mornings.


Wengie wakes up with the company of her cat and gets up straight away. Pressing the snooze button seems to make her feel awful. She then brushes her teeth and uses some mouthwash and adds some lip moisturizer.


Food is the next thing on the agenda. She has a wonderful recipe that is healthy, vegetarian, and takes less than 10 minutes. Wengie starts with cutting up some mushrooms and tomatoes and placing them in a glass microwavable bowl and then adds vegetable stock with her favorite seasoning Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute. Microwave 2-3 minutes. Then she adds spinach, rocket and some avocado on top with a little salt and pepper. Toast is also great to dip in the soup. While eating she likes to watch a couple of inspiring videos to start her day with an attitude of gratitude staying away from social media and the news.


After her great breakfast she makes sure she makes her bed and then starts her morning skin care routine. Wengie skips cleansing and goes straight to a cooling toner. No need to over cleanse. Then she applies SK II essence and gives herself a face and neck message. A little sunscreen is lightly applied and then on to the everyday makeup. Wengie likes to use BB creams which are super light. Eyebrows are next using a heavy rotation eyebrow mascara. Then she contours her eyelids, sides of nose and face to make her face look slimmer. A pencil liner for eyes and then curls her lashes. Mascara is applied to upper and lower lashes.


She likes to keep her hair simple. She sleeps with pig tails braided and then lets them down in the morning to give her a light beachy look. This keeps your hair away from heat and damage. She then adds a little lip gloss and then puts on some running shorts with a loose shirt and running shoes. Ready for the day!

Why Does Wen By Chaz Work On Damaged Hair?

Wen by Chaz works great on damaged hair as explained on Bustle.com, but the explanation was a lot more than an article. Someone decided to take the shampoo home to test it on their own damaged hair, and they got amazing results. Everyone who really likes keeping their hair clean and fresh is going to have to remember that their hair needs treatment from something formulated just for them.

The best thing that people can do is make sure that they are trying Wen by Chaz like the author did. She washed her hair like it says on the bottle, and she rinsed and dried her hair just like she would any other time. She has been having problems with her hair as she explained in the article, but she did not have to worry about the shampoo not helping her. She showed that the shampoo helped her with the stringy hair she has, and it looked a lot healthier when she got done.

The people who have a lot of thin hair are going to see it shed, but she was able to get it to stop shedding when she used Wen by Chaz. The Amazon available shampoo has been perfect for her, and it will be perfect for people just like her. That means that the shampoo helps people who hair that they just thought was bad. It gives them a new perspective, and it fixes their hair in a way that it could not have been fixed before.

There are people who can use this shampoo today to fix their hair, and there are other people who are going to stop the shedding. They need to try to use this shampoo every day, and they can use the shampoo to where others have failed. There is a lot of power in the simple formula from Wen by Chaz. For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel. Want to know the Wen secret? Check out this article: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html


Use Wen By Chaz To Correct Damage To Your Hair

Bustle online did a great article on a young lady that decided to use Wen by Chaz, for the first time. She is not a paid actor and she promised to give her honest tutorial. She was easily able to order their product online via Total Beauty.com and get it shipped to her door in as little as one week. She decided to use the strengthen conditioner and decided to give the results after one week. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers. The young lady decided to use the conditioner for thin hair.
Amazingly, after one week she noticed that her hair experienced far less breakage in the shower. She never had to worry about using to much or too little because it was clearly listed on the bottle. She saw the infomercial and thought it would be like all the other late night commercials that promised results that they could not deliver. However, she was wrong it was great for her hair and she is now an adamant user of Wen hair by Chaz. In a week she noticed stronger longer hair that was easy to manage.

Wen by Chaz has a list of products available on Sephora cosmetics that have all natural ingredients and a rich aroma that women and men love. Best of all, Wen by Chaz is for all hair types. Men and women love to use it because it makes their hair extremely more manageable and it cost less than traditional hair care solutions. They have an assortment of shampoo, conditioners, and all-in-one treatments that really work. Your hair can get the attention and the nourishment that it needs. Get your confidence back with stronger longer healthier hair. Wen by Chaz delivers a real hair care solution.

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Wen by Chaz Proves That Your Flaws Do Not Have to Own You

Fierce beauty is attainable if you really set out to get it. Certain products make the journey to glamorous faces and luscious locks easier, and Wen by Chaz certainly falls under that category. A radiant formula fortified with everything that your hair needs, WEN by Chaz cuts the cost of hair care by being everything that you need in one bottle. The sephora sold hair care kit allows every woman to come out of the shower looking like the sun, in fact, shines for them.
Sure, promises, promises, right? Thankfully, women perform experiments that further validate the benefits that Wen by Chaz products vow. Emily McClure embarked on a week-long journey with her fine hair falling by her side, and her only weapon of defense was Wen’s cleansing conditioner. As she began pumping the mixture into her hands, she had nothing but hope in her heart, but little expectations in her mind. Her first wash delivered an instantaneous rush of silky hair that left her eager to continue her use on day two.

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Her greasy hair the next morning left her a little anxious for another wash. When she finally got the opportunity to saturate her locks again, she made certain to thoroughly wash the product out. Shine, meet Emily; Emily, meet shine. She was thrilled to continue seeing her positive results.

The days passed and the journey had yet to offer any serious obstacle. Once her friends began noticing how ample her hair appeared, she knew that she had made the right choice with this product. Her once thin hair quickly became thicker, and a once lackluster appeal began to illuminate even her day’s dullest tasks. Her concerns washed down the drain with each use, and Emily undoubtedly began to understand how hair is supposed to look and feel. Women often use their flaws as barriers, but certain products shatter those blockades and demonstrate to women how their flaws are gateways to better opportunities.

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