Whitney Wolfe Herd Answers Complaints About Dating Apps With Bumble

Dating apps have quickly become a topic of gripes for many people. One of the reasons that people have complained about dating apps is that it does not take everyone somewhere. One person has constantly been complaining about online dating and dating apps for fun when he has heard about Bumble. When this person has tried Bumble, the difference has been obvious. The setting of Bumble is what differentiates it from all of the other dating apps. Therefore, this person was able to have a much better success rate with Bumble than with any of the other dating apps before it.

One thing that this person has stated was that for months a lot of swiping has done in order to get a small amount of dates. However, Bumble has brought forth greater ease in dating to the point that it has gained a lot of attention for Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has gone on plenty of interviews to talk about her apps, online dating and dating in the general since for this generation. She has addressed a lot of philosophies that are constantly being told to women as they take on the world of online dating.One of the mantras that women are told these days is to never settle.

While this idea is one of the best ideas to have, this could bring forth a type of mentality that causes people to constantly hold out for what they think might be the next best thing. This definitely blows a hole in the committed and devoted mindset of previous generations. One thing Whitney Wolfe Herd does value for dating is equality. This is one of the reasons that she has designed Bumble with a disabled male account. She has wanted women to experience the equality of being able to initiate with the men that they are interested in.One thing that Bumble is an answer to is the single women epidemic that has recently taken hold. There are now more single women than ever and they are experiencing frustrations with dating. One of these frustrations come with the old traditional way of dating where the women wait for the men to approach.

Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Apps Great Again

Whitney Wolfe has had a very great year. She got married this year, and she also continued to improve upon the company that created. Bumble has become a company that has grown in a magnificent way, and people are taking notice of what Whitney Wolfe is doing. There are a great number of people that are signing up for this app. It has become the thing that people look for when they want to get a better grip on how they can find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

Now that Whitney Wolfe has found her lifelong partner it is possible that she may be even more engaged in different concepts to help others that are trying to find love. Whitney Wolfe is trying to help people that may have grown weary of other apps like Hinge, Match, eHarmony and Tinder. She has been successful in doing this with the Bumble app that has made more than 100 million matches.

Whitney Wolfe knows that a lot of people will match on her app, but many of these matches will not lead into relationships. There are some people that are signed up to dating apps that are hesitant about getting out and actually getting to know the person that they have made a match with.

Whitney Wolfe wants to do something differently with her app. She really wants to create the app environment that allows people to make the transition from the online connection to a personal connection. This is why she has put so much time into grooming the company that is now worth millions.

This company has become heavy competition for many of the other dating apps, and people are getting a glimpse of what Whitney Wolfe is trying to do with creating a safer app environment. There are some certain things about Bumble that have increased a level of safety, and that is the connection to Facebook. People that are signing up for a Bumble account cannot do so unless they have a Facebook account. They also need to have a minimum of 75 friends in order to verify something of a true identity.

This is an extra added measure of identity checking, and it cuts down on the amount of spam that comes through the Bumble app. It also increases the likelihood of helping people make matches with the Bumble app.

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ClassDojo expresses growth mindset with new animated critters

ClassDojo has introduced two critters named Mojo and Katie who appear in their own animated series. These two characters are teaching students, teachers, and parents about “growth mindset”. Growth mindset is the idea that over time students level of aptitude and their abilities are capable of being advanced and reinforced and are not inherently permanent.
ClassDojo which is based in San Francisco, California has released the first of five animated clips about growth mindset. The additional clips will entail discussion guides for teachers and parents to refer to on the subject. Clips will be released one per week and will be found on YouTube and ClassDojos’ “Big Ideas” website.
ClassDojo collaborated with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to produce the videos and are using the animated critters to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. 2 of 3 schools across the United States use ClassDojo in their classrooms and because of this the co-founder and Chief Product Officer Liam Don believes ClassDojo has the accessibility to deliver the underappreciated notions in education that they offer.
Though the concept of growth mindset has been around for a while the animated clips are a first for educational teachings for parents, students, and teachers alike and create a new communication platform. PERTS wants to convey that growth mindset is about how to maneuver efforts in learning and not just about getting goals met but how to go about doing so. Parents and teachers can find lesson plans and tools on how to help students enable a growth mindset. Some of this information will be available as well in ClassDojo’s animated clips. PERTS and ClassDojo are hoping the ground-up change in the way teachers and parents are able to make the growth mindset connection will leave students with a feeling of empowerment and success.
ClassDojo allows for teachers and students to better connect in the classroom and gives parents a closer look into their child’s education. ClassDojo provides a way for students to receive positive reinforcement using modern technology that allows teachers to customize the program to fit their classrooms needs. Teachers can use ClassDojo as a tool to encourage student and parent participation, classroom teamwork and many other things. Teachers and parents are able to easily view their students’ achievements online.
ClassDojo makes available text messages and photo messages between teachers and parents easy and provides receipts for teachers to allow them to know when parents have read their messages. Teachers are also able to make group messages to every parent at one time. ClassDojo works on iOS, Android, and on any computer making it super easy to access from anywhere making it convenient for all teachers, students, and parents.


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The New Holiday Created By Skout

One of America’s favorite snacks has been given its own national holiday according to social networking app, Skout. Skout has specifically declared a national potato chip day as a way to celebrate something new and fund that billions of people share a love for. Skout is a company that was specifically designed to invite individuals to join the app for the purpose of meeting new people in a safe manner. Skout has already attracted millions of users that are located around the world. The idea of a national potato chip day was an idea that would bring millions of individuals together that are different and diverse and that love this one particular food product.

This new app called Skout created national potato chip day and continued to proceed by conducting a survey that included over 3,000 participants. These participants had to answer obscure yet fun answers about their interaction with the potato chip and how it has affected them overall in both their preferences as well as their overall routine. With this conducted survey, it was found that over the 3,000 individuals that took the survey, 96 percent of the people actually liked potato chips. Of the 96 percent, it was also found that those who preferred spicy chips were more likely to be more adventurous in the bedroom. In addition to this, it was also found that those who preferred chips with reduced fat were more likely continuous work out fanatics.

Overall the Skout survey that was conducted has interesting questions that found interesting results. In addition to flavors of chips, other questions on the survey also asked about political preferences as well as TV show preferences. It was found that overall, 39 percent of the chip lovers liked watching Jimmy Fallon with their chips for their late night snack. This 39 percent was compared with Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, James Cordon, and Seth Meyers.

The Skout app is seen as a new way for individuals to broaden their social circle in a safe and easy manner. Just by filling out likes and dislikes, individuals can be matched perfectly to other people on the app who live in their area. The company itself was founded nine years ago and since then has spread to over 180 different countries and is now offered in over 16 different languages. The founders of this app are proud of what they have accomplished in a short time period.


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Meet Women Or Men And Make Friends On Skout

Just recently, I found a new way to make friends and gain companions without leaving my home. What more could I ask for than this? I love to meet up with people to go out for drinks, go to clubs and go to shows, but I didn’t have a group of good friends when I moved to this new city. I only knew one or two people, so I felt really alone for the first two or three months. I would just sit in my apartment and feel sorry for myself. That’s no way to live. I’m so lucky that I found Skout because I have been feeling more energetic and happier ever since.

Expand Your Social Circle With Skout

All of a sudden I have this group of friends that I care about, and the best part of it is they care about me back. We have this connection that feels like we’ve known each other for our whole lives. It all started on this online dating and social media website called Skout. The application is a fun, creative way to connect with people in your city or around other parts of the world. It’s safe, too. That was something that I was skeptical about until I looked at the platform. The way Skout is designed is that it only shows your city, state and distance from the other person, so the you never know exactly where the person lives. Then, when you feel more comfortable you can exchange that sort of information with people.

Over the past few weeks I have met more women than I could have ever dreamed. I think I may have actually landed my dream girl. We’ve been talking for a while now, and we’re about to meet up for coffee soon. I’m so excited to meet her. She lives kind of far away, but I know we get along, and we’ve already discussed moving in together if we like each other.

I found this article from SAT PR News that goes over some of the topics I discussed in this post. It also goes into detail about this interesting survey that Skout conducted with its users. In the survey, people were ranking their New Year’s resolutions, and the article points to the fact that these goals are easier to keep when you have friends. Check out this link to see it.

What Parents Need To Know About The Latest Teen Apps

Parenting is becoming a whole new ball game the more technology advances. Phone apps are more than just games or social media downloaded to your smart phone to pass the time. There are so many new apps ready to be installed that will connect us to strangers that could live halfway across the world. Educating our kids, specifically teenagers, on this new technology has become more imperative than ever. It goes without saying that teenagers are full of angst and don’t really want to discuss things with their parents. Let alone what new apps they and their friends are using. It helps to ask what apps their friends are into. Talking about someone else and taking the focus off themselves seems to help teens open up.

If you’re not familiar with how to download apps from the google play store or apple store you can use this as an opportunity to become close with your teen by asking for their help. Once you get the hang of downloading a few apps it becomes like second nature. Some of the new apps popular among teens today are Kik, WhatsApp, Burn Note, Whisper, Skout, and Snapchat. Some of these apps are strictly messaging and some of them are solely just to share pictures. Expressing to your teen that they need to be cautious of what they share is the first step to using these apps. There are always new apps showing up in the app stores so staying on top and one step ahead of your teen will help you keep them safe and teach them responsibility even more.

Kik, WhatsApp, and Burn Note are used mostly for messaging with strangers and making new friends. Burn Note is a bit different since the messages disappear after twenty four hours. Whisper is sort of like a diary in app form. It allows you to type out some thoughts you might not be able to say to your friends and family and those that relate to what you’re saying can comment back or message you privately. Chats on Whisper always have to be approved though and people can be blocked at any time. Snapchat is another photo based app but you can send videos as well. It’s similar to other social media apps where you need to know someone’s username to add them and send them photos or videos.

Skout is the one app that is a bit different. It is specifically a dating app but with a twist. It uses location based technology so that you can meet up with someone for a quick coffee date when you see on the app that they’re nearby the local Starbucks. It may be a new take on the dating scene but it still provides a great lesson that can be taught to teens about responsibility. The location based perk of Skout is opt in only so you’re guaranteed that your teen’s location is not always shared. You can also send virtual gifts to someone you’re getting to know.

Safety must always be first and foremost so monitoring your teen’s use of apps is a great way to build a closer, trustful relationship with your teen while also making sure they’re kept out of harms way. It isn’t your teen that you’re distrustful of but other people who might use fake profiles to prey on innocent teenagers. Many of these apps come with block features which can be very useful when worried that someone may be bothering your teen. Knowledge of these apps will help you do the utmost to keep your teens safe.

Social and Dating App Guide for Parents

The chief strength of the Internet is its facility for communication. Social media gave the web the structure necessary to formalize interaction between individuals. Dating apps take those interactions and give them a context.

How Do Dating Apps Work?

For the developer, the primary challenge in a dating app is to match compatible couples. Currently the technique in widest use is a progressive system where newly acquainted people are allowed to introduce themselves in a gradually more complete fashion until the system is satisfied they actually want to talk to each other. Prior to unfiltered communication, which is usually the highest level, individuals can only exchange pictures, winks, and so forth

Which Dating Apps are Popular?

Currently, Tinder leads the industry due to its ease of use and popularity. The more formalized dating sites like match.com and eHarmony are still popular with more traditional dating site audiences, but apps like Tinder, Skout, Snapchat and so on are quicker, geared to phones and more suited to the attention span of their teen audiences.

To be fair, any app or web site that allows instant messaging or direct messaging and has a large enough audience can become a dating app with little extra effort on the part of its audience. Options like Tinder, Skout and others are more useful because of the size of their audiences more than anything else.

Why Are They Popular?

The two most powerful forces in the world of teenagers are social proof and peer pressure. While they are obviously related, they manifest themselves in different ways online. Likes, retweets, upvotes, etc. are social proof on the web. Public discussion forums and chats are peer pressure. Once these two worlds are under the control of the user, the resulting popularity can be intoxicating. Apps like Skout make this process very much like a traditional message board.

Dating apps add a relationship dimension to these two forces and squarely place success in the former as a pre-requisite to success in the latter. It also makes sustained participation mandatory because missing even a few days of activity could cost the average teen weeks of hard work in building up their status.

How Do Parents Keep Up?

Knowing what’s happening on the web is really not all that difficult. There are a handful of high-volume news sites that cover popular apps on an ongoing basis. There is nothing stopping parents from having accounts on each site (with incognito names) and keeping up with events first hand. Parents should insist on knowing screen names and passwords for every social media site their children frequent, and block the others at the router.

Dating apps are a fact of life now. Adults made them profitable. Teens made them popular. The good news is they can be beneficial provided some basic rules are followed. For motivated parents, these rules and the knowledge required to enforce them are not difficult to understand.

Skout Plus Nixter For Added Social Fun

As originally announced on techcrunch.com, the popular social networking application Skout acquired the nightlife app Nixter. Skout is a software application that provides social networking services. Skout’s investment backers Andreessen Horowitz and others have put up $22 million and were instrumental in the acquisition of the Nixter application. The idea is to integrate that features of Nixter that enable people seeking a party to find any upcoming nightlife happenings in their area, directly connect to buy tickets, order bottle service, and view the guest lists to nightlife events as well as book VIP rooms. Nixter only runs on iOS at the moment.

The CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund said in an interview that he had been searching a way to better intermingle online and offline interactivity in Skout with events in the real world. He stated, “This will be a huge value-add service to our users. I also think it’s highly monetizable and it will build even stronger loyalty from our users.”

Mr. Wiklund did not disclose the actual price Skout laid out for Nixter, but did indicate that the transaction involved both stock and cash. Neither company has disclosed any more detail than this. Nixter started in Santiago, Chile in January, 2012. The company now operates with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Most of its initial funding came from angel investors in Chile, to the level of about $200K. The company chose from several different options, according to Nixter’s co-founder Francisco Saez. Nixter has plenty of competition, such as WillCall, a live events app company based in San Francisco. Saez explained, “We had other offers, but we worried about losing a lot of power and autonomy until we started talking with Skout.”

Although Nixter’s feature set will be mostly integrated into the Skout app, Nixter itself will be kept as a separate branded application, according to Christian Wiklund. He would not reveal the total number of audience users, but did say Skout had become a profitable app over a year ago. Skout sells the users ‘points’ that work like virtual currency that are used to unlock important features, such as finding out who has read their personal profiles. About 30% of users are in the USA with the other 70% spread over the globe. The two companies do form a great foundation moving forward for automating the social connections and accompanying logistics for potentially any type of social event. They are beginning with the low-hanging fruit of the party-going sub-culture, yet they may now branch out into new areas, such as charity events, government operations, business conferences and expositions, parade planning and logistics, and perhaps even religious conferences and events. The future for this technology integration seems limitless.

Flipora Gives People Something New And Fun To Do

Most people use social media multiple times throughout the day no matter what they have going on that day, because social media keeps them in touch with all of their loved ones. And, not only that, but social media also keeps them up to date with what is going on in the lives of their favorite celebrities. There are so many great things that come from using social media, and a lot of people have started appreciating all of those things.
Flipora is a new kind of social media that has come out recently and that people are going crazy over. Flipora has gained a ton of users in the short time that it has been up and running, and people are loving what this social media app offers them.
On Flipora people are able to go from web page to web page and discover all kinds of new things that they would not have seen if it weren’t for the help that they receive from this app. People enjoy using Flipora to do new things and to try out all that the web has to offer them, and they are impressed by everything that this app has to offer. Social media apps have drawn people in, already, with all that they can do for them, and Flipora is just one more reason for people to love the things that they can do on their devices.
Social media is all about keeping people in touch with one another, and helping them to know what is going on in the lives of their friends, family and celebrities, and now it is becoming so much more than that, as well. Social media is becoming more vast, and people are loving all of the changes that they are seeing in it.  With the new app that has come out, they will always have something new and fun to do.