Antique Arms Specialist Finds Treasured Knife

Michael Zomber is a popular antique arms and armor specialist who just a few years ago, was set free from prison after he was found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit in 2003. Now that he can continue his normal life again, Michael Zomber has found a Bowie knife with a description carved into the material mentioning it taken from a John Brown who was almost assassinated.

John Brown was a well known radical abolitionist. He slavery should be banned from the United States. When Brown was younger slavery took over several parts of the southern states. The southern part of the United States upheld slavery and believed once a slave should always be a slave. Brown was accused of treason and hung by the South for acting and speaking out against the decisions of the South.

The knife he found belongs to one of the most violent time periods in American history. It is covered with special writing writing and a handle composing of nickel material. The knife is considered treasur

e. Several science majors, historians, and antique collectors have wanted to know more about this ancient item. Michael Zomber has worked hard to study the historic knife. Brown was a n active participant in the abolition movements. The antique treasures are a great way to remember his bravery and fight against slavery.. It goes down as a part of his life.

Michael Zomber has written historical fiction novels showcasing the dangerous time period he lived in. The pieces of literature he wrote are known as A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. A Son of Kentucky describes the living conditions in poorer parts of America before the Civil War violence started. The story revolves around a low life farmer that refuses to use slaves for work.

Micheal Zomber graduated from Illinois with duel degrees in English and psychology. He also earned a masters in English Literature while attending UCLA. His wife provided him with plenty of motivation to write novels and movies, which he did. Zomber produced a popular movie called The Soul of the Samurai.