World Leading Geothermal and Natural Gases CEO: Anthony G. Petrello

Nabors Industries Ltd from Hamilton, Bermuda is one of the largest geothermal and natural gases drilling contractor in the world and the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries is Anthony G. Petrello. The company has regional offices across the continents such as America, Middle East and Africa. It also provides directional drilling services, performance equipments and inventive technologies across the continent in terms of oil and gas markets. Because of the high standard drilling automation potentials, it has become extremely skilled workload that gives an excellent operational performance in the industry.

Anthony G. Petrello as is popularly known as Tony in 1968 has an impact in Nabors Industries Ltd and its development but started as Anglo Energy Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd is a prime provider of offshore drilling rigs fleet in different international markets. Anthony G. Petrello got his first and second degree in Mathematics at Yale University and J.D. Degree from Harvard Law School.

His first professional career started from a law firm called Baker & McKenzie in 1979. He later got promoted to hold a position as the Managing Partner in one of their regional office in New York office. He resigned and joined Nabors Industries Ltd. He achieved success in the competitive oil markets because of his experience in general operations and strategic planning. Contract drilling is basically what Nabors Industries Ltd focus on which is basically what oilfield service company is all about. Their largest collections of the drilling rigs have up to 500 drilling rigs in more than 20 different countries across the world, specializing different drilling such as offshore, rig equipment, directional drilling, specialty rigs, drilling software and technology.

Apart from being Chairman and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd., Anthony G. Petrello professes that each day is a miracle for him and his entire family especially his daughter Carina as he watches her take breakfast. His daughter, Carina had a condition called PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which caused by absence of oxygen or blood flow to the brain when she was born. She had cerebral palsy and other delayed developmental problems. With his knowledge of experience, he did a research on pediatric at Texas Children’s Hospital, registered to become member of the Board of Trustees and teaching why we should take children with neurological disorders seriously.