Why Is Social Justice On Thor Halvorssen’s Mind?

Thor Halvorssen never lets social justice leave his mind for long because he knows that it is a neverending battle against the evils of the world. He is someone who sees oppression for what it is, and he wants to help people understand how bad it can actually be in countries around the world. His parents were both Scandinavian and South American, and he worked in South America before going out on his own.

The people that are suffering around the world have to have someone who will give them a voice, and that is something that Thor Halvorssen likes to do because he remembers and shares these stories all the time. He believes in what people can do when they are not oppressed anymore, but he also knows that he has to stun people sometimes when they do not know how bad it can be.

There are countries like North Korea and Angola that are very bad for people who live there, and Thor Halvorssen wants to keep talking about to make sure that all the people who live there have their stories told. People in these countries will never be heard from unless someone like Thor Halvorssen is going to be there to help people.

Thor Halvorssen keeps talking to the media, and a lot of people think that he is going it too much. The thing that these people need is to be heard and understood by the rest of the world. Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation to make sure that everyone who needs help can get it. He has opened multiple branches with volunteers who want to help with social justice, and he stays in the spotlight making sure that people never see enough of him. He believes that his presence can push the subject of social justice to the front page.

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