Cassio Audi’s Influential Roles

Thanks to Cassio Audi, several young people have been mentored, and many business firms prospered. Due to his meticulous business acumen, he is highly sought by private and public firms, and multi-billion organizations, private equity funds, and startups. Cassio, a graduate from Pontifical Catholic University, and Sao Paulo University explores opportunities in everything. This explains his love for diversity that is an integral part of his development tactics. Before his career in Brazilian finance sector blossomed, he showed his diversity by exploiting his talent in music.

During his early days as a teenager, Cassio explored his talents and ventured into Brazilian music industry. This led to the formation of a famous metal band -then, called the Viper Band. The band was formed by four friends namely; Cassio, Felipe, Pit, and Yves, in the 1980s, with Cassio taking the influential role, as the drummer until 1989.he was greatly celebrated by his heavy metal fans, who recognized him for popularizing the heavy metal in Latin America.

Talk of passion and determination, with these two, Cassio highly influenced the band. He was not only the drummer but also maintained cohesion in the group. This saw the band release hit after hit. Due to the influence and inspiration of the iron maiden-a British band, and the heavy metal, the band gained popularity across borders. In 1985, it released demos like ‘The Killer Sword’ and the SP Metal Project. However, this did not hit home like the ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ did. It marked the great success of the band. To date, this album is considered as the best Brazilian heavy metal album. Cassio played a role in its success as he wrote one song featured on the album.

Despite his venture in business, Cassio is still a musician, as he practices during his free time. In addition, he incorporates the creative aspect of music in solving business challenges.

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