Beneful’s Ingredients Called Into Question

Most people who are pet owners regard their dogs as four-legged family members. So naturally, they want to feed their dogs the best foods possible. These days, there are plenty of pet food choices, and many of these meals for dogs resemble human foods.
Since 2001, Beneful, a division of Nestle Purina PetCare, has been providing quality pet food for dogs. Beneful provides a line of dry dog foods ( for pets of every age. However, the company has come under a considerable amount of scrutiny, particularly since 2015.

Facebook dog owner groups have criticized Beneful, stating that the dog food contains propylene glycol. This ingredient is also present in some human foods and products, but has not been found in cat food. According to wikipedia/com, propylene glycol is often confused with ethylene glycol, an ingredient in anti-freeze that is toxic to dogs.

Some have even asserted that Beneful is filled with mycotoxins, which can be harmful to the health of dogs. The European Union and the FDA have approved Beneful for consumption, stating that the amount of mycotoxins in the pet food is minimal and safe.

In 2015, plaintiffs filed a class action suit against Nestle due to the ingredients in Beneful. Since the case was filed, about one-third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from litigation. It is also important to note that the class action attorneys have not presented any evidence that Beneful is harmful to pets. The company maintains that its products are safe, healthy and nutritious for dogs, and has no plans to settle the case at this time.