The ingenuity of Roberto Santiago.

Human beings have curved out a niche for themselves in various areas where they dominate. They are emerging the best when they understand a technique and showcase their prowess. Born in late sixties, Roberto Santiago has used his ingenuity and engineered the facility in Joao Pessoa which is an attraction to both tourists and the locals in Brazil. This was made possible by his hard work and commitment. Having been born in Joao Pessoa and attending a local university to study business administration he unlocked his potential.

Roberto Santiago is a modern day entrepreneur. He is a man of diverse talent. In his early years, he developed his skills by starting a company to manufacture packing materials made of cartons. Indeed, his skills sharpened and he became more visionary. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping would be his next economic venture which is successful. Among his investment list is in the real estate, an addition to his prolific business success.

About Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has changed the whole shopping experience. It is convenient to carry out shopping in one commercial stop point. This magnificent has evolved since its construction in the nineteen eighties. Starting off with small renting area, the mall has grown. The changes cater for the modern times and makes it relevant in the process. The renting space has significantly increased in square meter with an addition of the parking space.

Exploring the interior.

The leisure spots.

With all shopping malls, there is significant similarities although the interior still stands out. Leisure points of this structure owned by Roberto Santiago include eleven cinema halls with the most modern equipment with 3D and VIP output. The Domus hall is famous for its holding capacity. Located at the very top, it is a suitable place to hold fairs, weddings and concerts.

The gaming zone gives a thrilling experience also. Fitted with the best electronic gaming machines, you can get to play your favorites including bowling where an electronic alley has been fixed.

The courts.

A shopping experience can never be complete without having a bite. The food court was restored and expanded to accommodate the rising number of shoppers. This allows to experience the culture, by exploring different cuisines. This resting place allows to take in the surrounding and enjoy a serene environment in the Roberto Santiago enterprise.

The lounges offer serene environment for families to rest. the capacity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is ten thousand persons on foot and can accommodate four thousand on seats. This magnificent building has transformed expectations of Brazilian shoppers thanks to the ingenuity of entrepreneur Roberto Santiago who has created opportunities to other businessmen.


Jose Auriemo Neto Performs Stellar Work With JHSF Participacoes SA

Jose Auriemo Neto is both the chairman and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA, a company whose efforts are focused on the development of both residential and commercial properties in his home country of Brazil.

Auriemo Neto performs a number of essential duties with JHSF including managing the company’s collection of hotels, office building’s and public developments. A second important function Jose Auriemo Neto has with the company is the administration of the extensive retail shopping portfolio the company maintains. These retail locations include shopping centers in San Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. There are also two new developments under construction that will also be under the supervision of Auriemo Neto.

Auriemo Neto took a leading position in the company’s first retail undertaking in 2009 when the company entered into a partnership with the luxury brands Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. JHSF opened retail outlets for the brands at the Cidade Jardim shopping center the company owned. JHSF expanded its reach into the retail markets in 2012 when the group negotiated a partnership with the company Valentino, and launched the first company to launch a retail location selling Valentino products in Brazil and more

Auriemo Neto graduated from FAAP University in San Paulo, Brazil and began his career with JHSF in 1993. Four years later, the Auriemo Neto, now a well-respected executive with the company founded Parkbem management company which served as JHSF’s service department. Due to the success of the service department, Auriemo Neto was given the responsibility of overseeing the company’s first destination for shopping in 1998.

Why the Fortress Investment Group Should Have Bitcoin Investments?

The Fortress Investment Group has a very wide variety of assets in its portfolio. Do these include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Why should the Fortress be mining Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an Investment

When the Spanish found all of the South American gold mines, they were ecstatic. Gold was money. It gave them the money, they needed to build a powerful empire.That is kind of the mindset of Bitcoin miners. They are making digital money. They envision themselves as the Spanish Conquistadors. They plan on ruling the world.So, why doesn’t the Fortress Investment Group get involved in Bitcoin mining? It would increase cash flow. It could generate its own digital capital. SoftBank purchased Fortress for some $3.3 billion in 2017 and surely some of that could be used for Bitcoin mining. The potential is dramatic.The United States has a good infrastructure with plenty of electricity. It would be easy to run Bitcoin miners 24/7/365. This could also help with the American deficit problems. They could pay their bills with Bitcoin.Bitcoin has moved from being an experiment to being an investment. Fortress is acting like an investment bank, so it only makes sense that it would add cryptocurrencies, doesn’t it?

Paid in Bitcoin

Investing in digital tokens would diversify the portfolio of the Fortress. It could expand into a new realm. Bitcoin is popular with the young generation.More and more products and services will be purchased with Bitcoin. Eventually, the Fortress is likely to have some Bitcoin on its books. So, it might as well jump in feet first and start investing in the cryptocurrency.As a Bitcoin miner, it could have more control over its eMoney. It would understand the process for making the coins. This would give it leverage.Fortress has been involved in IPOs, why not ICOs? The Fortress Investment Group could expand its financial services to create new digital coins. It could charge underwriting fees for the new companies.

Digital Money

Whether the Fortress Investment Group likes it or not, Bitcoin is money. If the Fortress Investment Group wants to be relevant, it must use the currency of the world. After SoftBank purchased the Fortress Investment Group, it probably started using the Japanese yen. Why not add Bitcoin too?Bitcoin has many volatile days. Fortress could speculate on the price movements, just as it has speculated on other assets. Some think that Bitcoin could replace paper money. SoftBank wants to prepare for the future, so it might want to think about Bitcoin. #Perhaps, that is the new path for the Fortress. After, SoftBank took it over, it needed to find more profitable assets. Now, it can become the Fortress of Bitcoin.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs – Gaining Traction as a Successful Startup

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Tempus Labs, a biotech laboratory co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, has increased its valuation to more than $1.1 billion. This boost in assets for Tempus Labs is the result of a recent investment of $80 million in additional funding. Since 2015, the total investments for Tempus Labs is approximately $210 million.

The co-founder of Tempus Labs is Eric Lefkofsky who earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his JD from the University of Michigan Law School. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Lefkofsky’s area of expertise is “turning conventional businesses into e-enabled businesses with technology serving as a catalyst to revolutionize business programs.” It is his entrepreneurial spirit and penchant for technology that led to the co-founding of Tempus Labs, a biotech company that developed an operating system that enables the individualization of patient care. Tempus Labs developed a library of both molecular and clinical data housed in an operating system that makes genomic information and clinical patient information readily available and accessible to physicians. The goal is to facilitate the personalization of cancer care with a searchable database.

Tempus Labs because of its valuation at more than $1 billion is dubbed a “unicorn.” Just as a unicorn is rare and distinctive, so too is Tempus Labs, a successful startup in the midst of many startups that fail within four years. Aileen Lee, a venture capitalist, to identify startups with a valuation more than $1 billion, coined the term “unicorn” to identify successful startups. In speaking about the success of Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky stated, “I think the traction we have had with everybody in the industry has been kind of amazing. We’re in the midst of one of the most significant paradigm shifts of our time.”

It is the vote of confidence from investors who support the mission and vision of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs, investors like New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth, that has led to the success of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Labs.

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Logan Stout Gives To Others Consistently

Logan Stout mentors youth through the baseball organization that he founded. He is a mentor and a leader as he works with the Dallas Patriots baseball organization.

Founder of IDLife, this man gives of himself in a number of ways – both on his own and with his family. He and his wife have been involved in the Boys and Girls Club in their area as well as the Youth Athletes Foundation. Logan Stout provides support to a number of charities and organizations as they do their work, driven by his heart for people and his hope of changing lives.

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Logan Stout isn’t someone who only gives to established charities that are well known and that will help him get attention for the giving that he does. He has shared about an experience that he had giving money to a young girl who was just getting started with a charity. He mentioned that the young girl was just getting started with a nonprofit and that she was someone who was dealing with an illness. He could see that the girl cared about the work that she was doing, that she was passionate about it, and he chose to support her in a financial way.

There are people who are looking for someone who will support them and be a positive part of their lives, and Logan Stout is someone who is a supporter and a leader to a number of people. He has shared that he pours himself into the lives of those who work for him. He has found that he has gained more success the more that he has helped those people who are working for him. The people who are working for a company have an affect on how that company is run, and Logan Stout makes sure that the people working for his company have all of the support they need.


Waiakea Water Doesn’t Use Regular Plastic

The bottled water industry is a booming $100 billion industry that grows larger every day. It’s a miracle that bottled water became popular in the first place. If people think about it, bottled water is just water in a bottle. Most countries have plumbing and can get water from a faucet.

When it comes to bottled water, there are a few things people care about more than anything. Those things include healthy and safety and environmental impact. Water is supposed to be naturally healthy, but since many companies add artificial substances and still label their water “natural” that title no longer has as strong a meaning.

If people can find a water that’s actually natural and healthy, the next problem they’ll look into is the environmental impact. That problem consists of two primary concerns: where is the water coming from and how it packaged and delivered.

Most companies claim their water is sourced from natural lakes and rivers, and some admit their water comes from a special artificial process. Regardless of how they’re getting their water, the biggest problem is the plastic used during packaging. Most beverage companies use plastic because it’s cheap and easy to transport.

Plastic can be a useful part of society, but currently, there are millions upon millions of tons of plastic going unrecycled and cluttered up the planet. It’s horrible to think that there’s a least a hundred pounds of plastic garbage on every single island in the world because of how much is floating in the oceans.

One company taking this issue seriously is Waiakea Water. Waiakea Water is a volcanic water brand based out of Hawaii who’s using degradable plastic bottles to lessen the stress of this horrible environmental disaster. Waiakea Water also uses low-emission vehicles to transport their product.

As far as the health concerns surrounding Waiakea Water, there are none. Waiakea Water is naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. It’s some of the cleanest and healthiest water in the world.

Jason Hope Donates Half Million To SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation is at the forefront of rejuvenation technology. The practice, which many organizations like SENS are trying to build into an industry, seeks innovative ways to combat aging. Life-threatening and life-altering conditions that arise from aging impact everyone. Slowly but surely everyone gets older and succumbs to the deterioration such a conditions brings. The anti-aging movement exits to find ways to slow it down, stop it, and prevent it all together. Over the past decades SENS has funded many revolutionary treatments to combat cancer. Cancer, as well as Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, are diseases that come as a result of aging. SENS exists from the backing of private researchers, scientists, and investors passionate about refining rejuvenation technology. One such advocate is Jason Hope, who in 2010 donated half-a-million dollars to the organization.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona. A graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business with an MBA from Arizona State University. He is an expert in all facets of business, and provides advisement for students and fellow entrepreneurs alike. Through his success he has been able to turn to philanthropy and donate money to causes he stands behind. Rejuvenation technology is a big one. Hope is always posting the latest innovations on social media, and writing articles for his specific interests in magazines. He is one of many wealthy entrepreneurs advocating time and funds for anti-aging, a cause that becomes a more passionate topic the older such investors become. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Aubrey De Grey, who co-founded SENS and remains its chief science officer, claims investments by backers such as hope are the life-blood of the anti-aging business. The company used Hope’s donation to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory, as well as start new research initiatives. Hope initially donated money to the company because of their work developing treatments for degenerative diseases. Currently the organization is focused on AGE metabolic waste, tissue that builds up within the body leading to degenerative processes. Through its research the company hopes to develop treatments that fight AGE waste, which could significantly fight Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Kamil Idris Providing Solutions To Intellectual Property

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is an organization based in Geneva that provides Intellectual Property (IP) services to businesses and individuals to encourage creativity and innovation. Intellectual property is a significant determinant of the development and growth of any country even as globalization continues to influence the way firms across the globe outsource their product contract manufacturing and the decisions companies make in managing their supply chains. However, globalization has brought with it numerous shortcomings that continue to be the primary challenges facing the actualization of Intellectual Property. For example, Dr. Kamil Idris claims there is an increase in piracy and counterfeiting which has resulted in the backlogs in processing patent applications. The rise in copyright piracy has seen many authors lose the authenticity of their materials which are distributed without their legal authorization. Also, with the increase in globalization, there is the need for intensive training of IP and development of human resources and IP capacity.


In a recent interview, the one-time Director General of WIPO Kamil Idris shared some of the steps that the organization has made to bring solutions to the challenges in IP. For example, WIPO has formed the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty, Performances Treaty, and WIPO Phonograms to foster the international copyright policy.


About Kamil Idris

Born in Sudan, Kamil Idris is a former Director General of (WIPO). Kamil also worked at the International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV) and held the position of Secretary-General. Idris is an academic scholar who holds multiple degrees from different universities. He attained two Master degrees in International Law and International Affairs from the University of Ohio, Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Philosophy and Economic Theories from the University of Cairo and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Khartoum.

Dr. Idris has worked in different fields before joining WIPO. Kamil Idris served as a Professor of International Law, an Attorney at law, Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths, and as an Ambassador in the Sudanese Foreign Service. He also worked in the Permanent Mission of Sudan before assuming the position of Coordinator and Spokesman of the Group of developing countries

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Sean Penn Satirizes Culture and Politics in New Novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn has made some headlines recently. First off he has essentially retired from acting. The writer, actor, producer, director, war correspondent, and interviewer has spent decades in front of the camera. His illustrious career garnering him two Oscars for Best Actor. Citing an overall loss of passion, Penn has stated in a number of interviews that he is retired. Secondly, he has released a new novel titled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. According to Penn he enjoys writing more than acting, and plans to write more novels in the coming years. Many furrow their brow at Penn’s apparent career switch, but then again he is not the first celebrity to change vocations. Finally, his new book makes some controversial statements that have stirred people up. Mostly this has to do with an epilogue at the end of the novel that attacks the #MeToo movement. Whatever the case, Penn’s new book is creating waves, and may just be the beginning of a successful career.

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A typical satire, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” comments on many current tropes within our society. The story follows a septic tank salesman named Bob Honey, who also happens to be a contract killer for the U.S. government. He follows orders directed by a president, whom many assume is a satirical version of Trump. Besides commenting on politics, the book also focuses on culture’s obsession with branding, current issues, and finally the #MeToo movement. The latter done so at the end of the book in a poem that likens the movement to a tirade of toddlers. Penn has stated that the book is not an opinion piece, and that readers are charged with taking away from it what meanings they garner. Critics both laud and slam the novel, and numerous celebrities have also offered their congratulations and condolences. Penn, who is currently on a tour promoting the book, could not be happier. He is enjoying the challenge and the chance to have unhindered creativity. Bob Honey is the first of many books, as Penn states he has more in the works.

Paul Mampilly, Investment Expert

Paul Mampilly is a great investor who has almost 25 years of trading knowledge. Paul managed a wall street hedge fund and has managed many multi-million dollar level accounts for several large Banks such as Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul Mampilly has been starred in multiple news publications like

Fox Business and CNBC, as well as Bloomberg.

Pauls experience with investing started with bankers trust in 1991 where he worked as the portfolio managing assistant. Mampilly eventually got recruited by Kinetics Asset Management. Paul Mampilly became principal manager and with his leadership, the hedge fund started to average 26 percent returns annually. The fund also grew from about $6 billion to $25 billion. Barron’s called Kinetics Asset Management one of the best hedge funds on the planet due to these achievements. Visit the website to learn more.

While the crash of 2008 and 2009 was happening, Paul Mampilly utilized a $50 million investment to generate 76 percent returns and increased that initial investment to $88 million. Hes also good at personal account management. Paul invested in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012, a company which was then in its early stages. They were developing a drug used to help people with muscular dystrophy. Not even a year later Paul sold that initial investment for a 2,000 percent return. Mampilly was one of the first investors in Netflix’s early stages. Pauls prediction that the mainstream media was in a process of transitioning to more online streaming was correct and resulted in him getting a 600% gain. Paul Mampilly was an investor in Whole Foods, Facebook, Grifols, Ariad Pharmaceuticals and Stratasys and other businesses in which he got significant returns.


After retiring at 42 in 2016, Paul started writing profits unlimited. Ever since then countless investors claimed they made huge gains, from $16,000 all the way up to $250,000, all based off Pauls advice. Mampilly also runs true momentum and the trading company extreme fortunes. Pauls Facebook page has 2,000+ likes and 3,000+ followers. Paul believes that the Bitcoin bubble is destined to burst soon. Paul reccomends investing in renewable energy sources for 2018. Paul Mampilly is graduate from the Montclair State University. He has won various awards. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.