Desiree Perez Digitally Shaping A New Era

The vast market for streaming music has taken the lead over direct album sales. For the very first time, the U.S. music industry has seen streaming as the main source of revenue as of 2016, revenue that has grown ten-fold compared to other sources. Income from those music streams in the U.S. have nearly matched that of the global revenue that totals $15.7 billion. Top music industry executives deemed Digital Power Players by, are at the pinnacle of the success of these sales that led to these historic earnings. The industry leaders tackle the challenges newly created by the emerging streaming business. Subjects such as, practicing business model that allows fair payment to the creators and artists, or data management. These “Power Players” come from every field in the music world: streaming services, music publishers, social media platforms and of course, record labels. One of these leader shaping the music industry and paving way for a new era is Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez, 47, is the COO of Tidal, executive officer at Roc Nation as well as a producer. Some of her best known work include “On the Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z” in 2014 and “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” in 2013. Desiree Perez has dealt with the entertainment world for the past two decades.

Starting off as an entrepreneur, Perez now finds herself successfully negotiating powerhouse deals for her various clients. She is a very skilled negotiator and it is what she does best, her niche so to speak. Perez also assisted songstress Rihanna to get a deal from tech giant, Samsung.

World Leading Geothermal and Natural Gases CEO: Anthony G. Petrello

Nabors Industries Ltd from Hamilton, Bermuda is one of the largest geothermal and natural gases drilling contractor in the world and the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries is Anthony G. Petrello. The company has regional offices across the continents such as America, Middle East and Africa. It also provides directional drilling services, performance equipments and inventive technologies across the continent in terms of oil and gas markets. Because of the high standard drilling automation potentials, it has become extremely skilled workload that gives an excellent operational performance in the industry.

Anthony G. Petrello as is popularly known as Tony in 1968 has an impact in Nabors Industries Ltd and its development but started as Anglo Energy Ltd. Nabors Industries Ltd is a prime provider of offshore drilling rigs fleet in different international markets. Anthony G. Petrello got his first and second degree in Mathematics at Yale University and J.D. Degree from Harvard Law School.

His first professional career started from a law firm called Baker & McKenzie in 1979. He later got promoted to hold a position as the Managing Partner in one of their regional office in New York office. He resigned and joined Nabors Industries Ltd. He achieved success in the competitive oil markets because of his experience in general operations and strategic planning. Contract drilling is basically what Nabors Industries Ltd focus on which is basically what oilfield service company is all about. Their largest collections of the drilling rigs have up to 500 drilling rigs in more than 20 different countries across the world, specializing different drilling such as offshore, rig equipment, directional drilling, specialty rigs, drilling software and technology.

Apart from being Chairman and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd., Anthony G. Petrello professes that each day is a miracle for him and his entire family especially his daughter Carina as he watches her take breakfast. His daughter, Carina had a condition called PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) which caused by absence of oxygen or blood flow to the brain when she was born. She had cerebral palsy and other delayed developmental problems. With his knowledge of experience, he did a research on pediatric at Texas Children’s Hospital, registered to become member of the Board of Trustees and teaching why we should take children with neurological disorders seriously.


Back to School with an A+ from Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial is a network of analysts and strategists that help people gain control of their financial habits. They offer solutions for spending and saving money as well as financial advice throughout the year. One of the most stressful times of the year for parents, in particular, is going back to school. This is where Freedom Financial can help parents save money.

Two main things to consider when going back to school shopping are the list of supplies needed for the school year and sticking to a budget. Kevin Gallegos, of the Freedom Financial Phoenix division, advises parents to get the school list of supplies early from the school. This will help parents save money in the long run. The second part is sticking to a budget. One way to save money and stick to a budget is to shop early to get the best deals. Parents can stick within budget limits and get the best supplies for their kids.

There are a couple of other things that parents can keep in mind while getting their kids ready for a new school year. The first is establishing a routine for your kids. Have set times for homework, activities, and sleep. Keeping a routine helps kids stay focused on school and take responsibility for getting things done. A second thing kids can do is make their own school lunch. When kids help with the process of getting things ready, they feel good about contributing to their own routine. Little things like that can make things much easier for parents and make for responsible children. For more info about us: click here.

Back to school time can be quite stressful for parents. Freedom Financial is here to help parents ease the burden of back to school time. That makes a big difference.

Jose Auriemo Neto on Top JHSF due to his Visionary Talants

Entrepreneur José Auriemo Neto knows how to create luxury and how to take the projects he is working on all the way to the top. He is the Chief executive officer of the real estate development company JHSF based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

CEO José Auriemo Neto was working under his father Fabio Auriemo who was leading as the President of the large enterprise. José Auriemo Neto was not yet the chief executive officer, but he was in fact promoted to the post after a business suggestion and a perfectly executed project that rough success and revenue to the company of JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto has an eye for opportunities, and he proved it when he suggested building a high luxury complex close to the highway of Marginal Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There was an empty land, about 80 000 square meters in size. José Auriemo Neto envisions a couple of malls build as towers and several luxurious blocks of flats along with playgrounds and parks.

The next step was to paint the picture for his father so that he would authorize the project. At first, Fabio Auriemo was skeptical to the idea. It did not take long before José Auriemo Neto managed to convince him after taking him to the area personally. After realizing the potential of the notion, Fabio Auiemo placed José Auriemo Neto in charge of the project. It was more than another assignment that José Auriemo Neto was supposed to complete. This time, being the head of the project would serve as a final testimony to his keen eye for opportunities and his skills as a leader and property developer.

The project was led to completion, and it proved to be a banging success. The luxury complex became more successful than what it was expected. The mall of the compound was inspired by Bal Harbour Shops in Miami. About 75 000 people visit the mall every day. It sells luxury brands such as Armani, Luis Vitton, Chanel, and the likes.

Fabio Auriemo was very impressed with his son d promoted him to CEO. José Auriemo Neto himself as called the King of Luxury after he completed the project.


Greg Secker: The Young Financial Guru

Multi-entrusting vocation shrewd could turn distressful on occasion. Many individuals on the planet today accept and favor mainstreaming on a solitary venture at any given moment. All things considered, it is compensating since they can practice and concentrate on the specific attempt to its definitive end. In any case, there are those that join a few exercises at the same time and are similarly if not in any case more effective. Greg Secker falls in accordance with this novel arrangement of individuals. He is a business visionary, creator, open speaker, and an eminent giver.

Greg Secker is an English specialist who was conceived in Norfolk in mid 1975. In the same way as other effective businesspersons, he obtained advanced education at the University of Nottingham and embraced a course in Agriculture and Food Science. Notwithstanding, he is prestigious for his interesting skill in outside trade. At the time of just 25, he moved toward becoming Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation. Not long after, he surrendered to wind up noticeably a full-time Forex broker and later established Knowledge to Action Group.

Greg Secker is a regarded open figure. Accordingly, he is frequently welcomed to numerous media houses like CNDC and Bloomberg to give an individual and master feeling on current market headings. All the more thus, he has gotten solicitations to address the general population nearby other famous identities. For example, he imparted the phase to Tony Blair in 2009. His enormous work in this line has seen him get overwhelming applauses for his great exhibitions. Moreover, Greg has likewise composed books that serve to help individuals in their way around achievement in the remote trade advertise.

Greg Secker has likewise established The Greg Secker Foundation, a non-benefit firm that works to enhance the personal satisfaction of kids all around. It has additionally teamed up with youth projects to enhance authority, instruction, and fundamental abilities in groups to empower them to center their mental and enthusiastic endeavors towards their prosperity. In addition, he began the Build a House, Build a Home activity to assemble 100 changeless homes for inhabitants in the Philippines. Greg’s enthusiasm for giving kids the best begin in life was realized through his establishment, and this has influenced him to make the cut in the rundown of Most Social Entrepreneurs for 2017.


Cassio Audi Continues Successful Career

Casio Audi is a very successful businessman that has a unique past that is not often seen by people in the finance industry. While he is best known for his role in the finance industry today, he actually started his career in the music industry. In 1985, Audi was one of the founding members of the rock band Viper. Audi was instrumental in his role as the lead drummer of the band and was involved in the writing and production of some of the best songs in the history of the band.

Some of the tracks that the band released while he was a member of Viper included Princes from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare. While the band toured and played live for a few years, they started to gain their largest following when the released their first album, Soliders of Sunrise, in 1987. Overall, the album received pretty good reviews from consumers and critics. Audi eventually left the band in 1989 to pursue other efforts in his life. Shortly after Audi left the band, Viper released its second album that is considered to be one of their most successful. Audi was also involved in writing many of the songs on that album as well. The band has continued to tour and produce music to this day although many of the original members have moved on. To know about him click here.

After leaving the band, Audi started to pursue his career in finance. He eventually went to the University of Sao Paulo where he earned an MBA in Finance. Since earning his degree, Audi has continued to develop in the industry. Today, he is a significant real estate investor and owns many residential and commercial developments. He also spends a considerable amount of time providing advisory services to clients that are looking to invest in the stock market.


Impressionable Facts about Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a successful constitutional advisor and has worked in the law sector for a significant number of years. Sujit is also the founder of the center for democratic transitions, which is a firm that focuses on equipping knowledge and giving evidence based thoughts on the best policies to aid leaders in decision making. Sujit also has an amendable educational background and having acquired law degrees from three prestigious universities including Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford; he has successfully carried out his law operations with the help of his vast knowledge.  Related article on

Sujit encourages people always to give others a chance to express their views regarding particular issues and listen to them without having to interrupt them. Besides, the law expert insists that leaders should respect citizens and address the issues they raise concerning governance as well as other matters for their countries to run smoothly. Sujit also insists that everyone should always be ready for correction and never assume that they are always right in whatever claims that they make.  Read this relevant article on tackling a current issue.

In addition to that, Sujit encourages people not to always expect perfection in everything they do as success takes a lot of struggle and persistence to achieve. He believes that individuals who expect perfection may fall victims of frustration and failure due to giving up to their ventures or desire to achieve their set goals. He further insists that preparedness and hard work is the key to success and prosperity in everything that one does in their lives. For more of his point of view, check

Sujit Choudhry has worked in some constitutional firms through which he helped to develop a new constitution as well as to amend the old ones. He has also equipped many people and leaders with vast knowledge regarding the Constitution and as a result helped to shape up the policies and justice of a country into a good one. For added info, hit this.  His organization has also grown tremendously due to his impeccable leadership skills and has successfully been established in over twenty-five countries. He has also successfully partnered with a vast number of other organizations including the international institute for democracy to conduct researches regarding individual issues as well as the Constitution.  Keep up-to-date with his recent work, hop over to

Have a closer look at Sujit’s profile, visit


Vincent Parascandola track record in AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola besides being the Chief Executive Officer and VP at AXA Advisors, LLC has many other roles in the company. He is in charge of recruitment, management, sales and generation of financial professionals who meet the AXA Advisors working thresholds. Vincent has decades of experience in the financial industry. As a financial advisor, he has earned reputation and gained popularity in all corners of the world.

His efficient way of performing his career duty has enabled him to receive numerous awards and honors. Parascandola got the Insurance Agent Rookies of the Year award followed by the GAMA`s Career Development award and also the Master Agency awards and many others. Check out wallethub for more.

Vincent Parascandola career course has been one of a kind. His financial career traces its roots back to Prudential Company where he served as a financial agent. He later recruited with Mony Life Insurance Company. His determination, hard work, and drive have been the key aspect of his successful life.

Vincent joined AXA Advisors in 2004, and since then the company has been ranked as one of the leading insurance company in the world. His experience and leadership skills in management from the prior local and regional managerial posts have enabled him to serve the company diligently and efficiently. Mr. Vincent exceptional leadership skills developed after working with some of the largest financial organizations. He was the co-manager at Metro Branch Company in NY which had more than 400 financial professionals. Besides, he was the President of the Advantage Group where he dealt with many different financial professionals. Check out brightscope to know more.

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company provides financial protection, annuity policies and life insurance covers to people in New York. The firm has more than 6000 financial advisors who have professional knowledge and experience in handling clients pertaining the line of AXA Advisor`s products. All the professionals report to Vincent through their immediate managers. Vincent Parascandola leads the team in providing investment plans, strategies in financial protection, and asset management services to people.

Vincent Parascandola is an eloquent speaker and holds many motivational talks internationally. He has spoken at various conferences involving the industrial sector. Vincent holds Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Pace University, New York.

Dr. Imran Haque: The Best Internal Medicine Professional in Asheboro

All humans can attest to the fact that health is central to human happiness and well-being. Specialists such as Dr. Imran Haque whose primary goal is to help people attain their health goals are an essential part of the society. Dr. Haque is a medical doctor who is better known for his prowess in matters internal medicine. Dr. Haque is based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He is part of a team of specialists working to make Horizon Internal Medicine, a medical facility in Asheboro, the leading provider of high-quality healthcare.

Dr. Imran became fond of internal medicine when he attended University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Prior to that, Dr. Imran was a student of Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE)—one of the most respected universities in Santo Domingo regarding the quality of graduates the University has produced. At the university, Dr. Imran pursued medical studies, and he graduated with a honors medical degree. Dr. Imran is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina, and he boasts of over 15 years of experience. Also, Dr. Imran, just like any other internist, undergoes a regular Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine professionals.

Horizon internal Medicine is the medical facility of choice for many residents of Asheboro. The facility is manned by medical practitioners who are as inspired as Dr. Imran to provide quality healthcare for patients. The facility through Dr. Imran diagnoses and treat ailments such as diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia. The facility also provides 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, physical examination, assist in weight management, and it is famous for managing diabetes. Patients are comfortable when they are attended to by experts such as Dr. Imran and his team.

Dr. Imran’s prides himself on his ability to create professional connections with all his patients. He is well aware that assisting his patients extends past treating them, and he fosters human interactions with them; many of his patients have commended him for this. Dr. Imran is motivated by his ability to restore good health in his patients and hence saving their lives. He believes that a private medical practice should be about service to patients and not money.

The Success Story of the Entrepreneur Robert Santiago

Robert Santiago is generally famous for being a multitalented individual as well as a prosperous entrepreneur who invested in Manaira Shopping which the largest mall in Brazil. Furthermore, he is a consecrated businessman, a sportsman as well as a trader. It is worth acknowledging the fact that he is an individual of several facets. The Paraiba capital’s largest malls include the Manaira Shopping whose establishment was executed by Robert in the year 1989. The mall is situated at the mid of the Joao Pessoa north coast lands and this location is strategic and vital for its success.

Remarkably, the shopping complex serves as a sample of the fundamental references alongside powerful ventures in connection to not only leisure but also fun. It consists of eleven movie theaters which are equipped with the latest advances in cinematic technology.

Additionally, there’s the presence of the three-dimensional room & account, and a VIP room. It also consists of a Stadium System which is interactive and through which the mimicry of the standard decision is done. This adds up to the inclusion of its grid of entertainment, the Game station of the park is full of amusement. The availability of over two-hundred gaming machines. The fact that it offers a variety of service avails the distinguished ages and tastes.

Additionally, Domus Hall refers to a representative of the biggest concert halls found at Manaira Shopping and whose location is within its coverage. The structure of the hall is quite amazing. This is seen through the fact that the structure it has is not only modern and up to date but also has adequate occupation space. It holds a sitting population of four thousand and a standing population of ten thousand. To facilitate the accommodation of guests, it consists of two floors.

It is worth acknowledging the fact that the second floor is made up of private cabinets appropriate for ten people. They offer access to the rest of the rooms such as the dressing rooms, the lounge music as well as the ground floor. It is this floor that has the potential of freely adapting to various events such as presentations, mega shows, weddings, graduations, Stand-ups, private events, and fairs.

Therefore, the individual Robert Santiago has a vision that is both aggregating and entrepreneurial. From time to time, he has the capability to identify any existent chances that the rest of the business persons can hardly notice.

Robert Santiago won the championship “Brazilian Kart” and has been a state championship winner severally in connection with the first-place trophy.

In consideration of Robert’s professional career, he started at the Café Santa Rosa. It is worth acknowledging the fact that he is currently among the best and prominently known entrepreneurs across Brazil.