The Background Of Andrew Rolfe Makes Him Uniquely Qualified To Serve The Ubuntu Fund

The charity gala held by the Ubuntu Education Fund was to help the children in Africa. The monetary goal was $972,960 to expand the campus at Port Elizabeth and make improvements to their pediatric clinic. The Ubuntu Fund helps in excess of 400,000 individuals in Africa with disadvantages. The Port Elizabeth campus helps with educational and health needs and was founded in 1999. The founders expanded to encompass hunger, health, home stability, nutrition, and so much more.

Some of the most well know socialites and philanthropists came from London to attend the gala. Andrew Rolfe was charming as the Chairman and welcomed everyone to the event. What reached the audiences emotions was the story of Sinesipho Rabidyani. She told the audience about her life, about how her father drank too much and the problems it caused for her family. She talked about how hard she studied and how much support she received from the Ubuntu Fund. When she told the audience she had been accepted by a law school and how her mother was moving away from the negative influence of her father there was not a dry eye at the gala.

Andrew Rolfe takes his role as the Ubuntu Funds Chairman seriously. He looks for any opportunity to provide help for disadvantaged children and is a strong leader. His professional life started at Harvard when he began to study business economics. His hard work was rewarded in 1992 when he earned his Master’s degree. He continued his education and in 1988 he earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford.

Andrew Rolfe went to work for TowerBook Capital Partners and gained valuable experience in the acquisition of food services, investing, hospitality, and retail. His work took him through Europe and the United States. He led the Gap into the global market during his time with the company. Due to his efforts the Banana Republic saw expansion in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Andrew Rolfe is an innovator with a talent for helping businesses expand internationally. His experience, strength in leadership, and skills in expansion have made him the perfect fit for the Ubuntu Fund.


Sujit Choudhry – Well-Known Public Figure and a Highly Acclaimed Law Professional

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and while the transformation is good in many aspects, certain flaws need that need to be addressed by the governments of different countries. The agreements and partnerships that take place between the various countries have to be bonded through legislations, and it is where the comparative law can play a crucial role. Sujit Choudhry, one of the leading experts on comparative and constitutional law, says that the applications of comparative law have an important part to play in today’s world. Sujit Choudhry says that the methodologies and applications of comparative law can diffuse the tensions between the countries, resolve world conflicts, help with the peaceful transition in the governments, aid in negotiation through proper understanding, resolve sectarian issues, and more.  Click for related article.

In an interview that Sujit Choudhry recently gave to the leading magazine named CEOCFO, he talked about his youth when he was studying and how his interest in the comparative law developed. Sujit mentioned that during his college days, his parents used to travel a lot due to their profession as a professor. As both his parents were a professor, education was always given the top most priority in his household, which is why he studied law at three different universities, including the Harvard University, Toronto University, and the University of Oxford. Currently, he serves as the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the Berkeley Law School, where in the past he has also served as the dean. Previously, he was the Cecilia Goetze Professor of Law at the New York Law School.  Check this on

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Sujit Choudhry is the man behind the Center for Constitutional Transitions and is one of the co-founders of this one of a kind organization. Over the years, Center for Constitutional Transitions has played a very vital role in the propagation of importance of comparative law. Sujit Choudhry believes that such an organization would help in centralizing the knowledge and information based on comparative law, which then would assist in mobilizing the crucial knowledge related to comparative law worldwide. Sujit Choudhry is a member of many important world bodies, including the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Mediation Roster, and more. Read his timeline updates on

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Todd Lubar Explains Why Smart Homes Are the Perfect Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, has written a lot about smart homes and how they provide additional opportunities for entrepreneurs. Smart homes are homes where technology allows you to control things remotely, either from your smartphone or by using voice commands. For example, you can adjust the lighting, the heating, the air conditioning, and more by issuing voice commands. You can also use your smartphone to monitor your security cameras and unlock or lock your front door even when you are away from your home. The reason it provides opportunities is because wherever there is a need for something and there are challenges, entrepreneurs can step in and provide solutions. For example, for seniors, smart homes will help them avoid falls. However, the challenge is providing them with smart homes that are fully secure so that they are not afraid of privacy issues. For more details check out Ideamensch.

Todd Lubar says that it is just a matter of time before all homes are smart homes. Their popularity is spreading widely. Millions of Americans are using them. Of course, there are challenges. However, that is where entrepreneurs can step in and take a slice of the industry by coming up with solutions. The growth rate of smart homes is just too great to ignore. Making sure smart homes are safe from cyber-attacks is one example. Another is making sure that artificial intelligence can understand voice commands fully. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar is the Senior VP at Legendary Investments, in addition to his role as President at TDL. He has over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. He was listed as one of the top twenty five mortgage originators in the United States. He has worked in many industries, and has experience in constructions, mortgage banking, entertainment, and other industries.

He started TDL Global Ventures after working for two decades in the finance and credit industry. He decided to create a company that will finally help people realize their dreams. His program helps take care of the various blockades that people usually face when they want to take out loans to be able to afford a home.

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