Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter Has Surpassed The 60,000 Subscribers Mark

In the age of the internet, nothing is more treasured like web traffic and subscribers.

Investor Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited records an impressive 60,000 subscribers. The newsletter has now gone into the books as one of the fastest growing newsletters in the finance and investment sector.

Mr. Mampilly who has a solid professional history in hedge fund management has had a bright career in Wall Street. He has a cumulative 20 years of experience working on Wall Street with big clients such ING, Deutsche Bank and even Kinetics International. The Templeton Foundation honored him with an award when he achieved 76% gain in an investment of $50 million, and this was during the peak of the financial crisis.

Profits Unlimited was created to guide Main Street Americans into the art of making profits through investment. Mampilly partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2016 as his publisher for the newsletter.

The newsletter has a rich source of investment advice. Every month, subscribers can find a recommendation of the most promising stock. It doesn’t stop there, Mampilly goes further by tracking the performance of the recommended stocks over time on his website.

After furnishing his subscribers with the right investment advice, Paul Mampilly provides an alternative way of buying stock. In place of the usual arrangement whereby a financial advisor buys stock on behalf of a client, Mampilly lets customers buy shares in through their individual brokerage accounts.


Examples of best-performing stocks, rightfully predicted by Mampilly include the stock of One Stock, a company that deals with semiconductors. The stock has been up by 160% from the time he predicted its performance.

Before directing all his energies in advising people or how to get started and manage their investment, Paul Mampilly worked as the Managing Director, Co-Portfolio Manager at the Kinetics Asset Management, LLC.

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Three Effective Online Reputation Management Strategies

When looking for a company to offer you any products, reviews are always the biggest consideration. Perhaps, the reasons why there are so many third-parties review sites. According to, clients will use this review to find out whether they can trust you to deliver. If you have great reviews, confidence in your products and services will improve. Here are some ways in which you can monitor and improve your online reputation, so you can have even better reviews.

Be Proactive and Responsive to Online Reviews

One of the best things that you can do for your business is to encourage your clients to leave reviews on your products. Encourage them by making the process as simple as possible. Customers will also feel motivated to give their opinion if you give them discounts for doing so.

Once clients have posted their reviews, always strive to respond in a timely manner. And, do so professionally. If they are positive reviews, thank your clients for taking their time to review you. And, if they are negative reviews, do not try to attack back. Reason that the client could be having a bad day and fighting them back will only do your business harm.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools that can be utilized to improve online reputation. It is on social media that a business will easily get brand advocates. Social media will also help in improving traffic to your website, not to mention the push that it gives to your clients to review your business. Therefore, strive to be very active on social media, posting helpful posts and commenting on posts that you think are creative.

Customers Service

There is no way you will get away with poor customer service. Not with internet being available. World will spread faster than bushfire and soon your business will reach its bottom line. In the same way, good customer service will spread. So, always strive to improve your customer service by utilizing the feedback that you get from your clients. This way, you can always be ahead of the game, in terms of offering customer service.