MR. RAJ FERNANDO is a man of true excellence with a taste of quality towards all that he seems to put his hands to. It is amazing to note. Please see how he is just simply in regards to his hiring process alone: “The nature of the business can be stressful enough. CEO Raj Fernando wants to keep the surrounding atmosphere as pleasant as possible to counter that, so it’s crucial that his employees get along.So when it comes to hiring, he doesn’t approach it like some of his competitors, who may bring in 30 potentials….” (http://www.sbnonline.com/article/raj-fernando-gets-the-best-at-chopper-trading/, pg. 1, para. 2 and 3)

Business and excellence are in the true quality of his nature as a leader, businessman, and CEO. He has worked at the very top for CHOPPER TRADING, SCOUT AHEAD, NASDAQ, and more! He has studies at the wonderful and prestigious Beloit College, coming out of there with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history.University College of London was also a school in which MR. FERNANDO studied.

MR. RAJ FERNANDO also uses FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKED IN, FLICKR, GOOGLE PLUS, and CRUNCHBASE! He is quite up to date and active online. Please give him your following if you have not done so already; you have many forms of social media presence to choose from here.

CHOPPER TRADING was begun by MR. FERNANDO back at the start of this new millennium…..the good year of 2002. Since then, he has maintained his nose to the grind stone and has sure not looked back! No, for forward is the direction of growth and progress…..not behind, but forward.

The CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE has also been given the unique privilege of being a part of this man’s life. Shortly after his college years, MR. FERNANDO volunteered for them, in fact, and has given and received a part of his work and life experiences from this time. He has also been known to more recently scout and recruit ‘A LIST’ employees for his company, looking for and sticking with only the most talented and hardest working new comers out there in the field.

Wengie Gets You Going With Her Morning Routine


Wengie is a sensation on YouTube with her beauty blogs and shares her morning routine with style and enthusiasm. This routine is very motivating and will get everyone starting their day with style. Watching this video will definitely help with those sluggish mornings.


Wengie wakes up with the company of her cat and gets up straight away. Pressing the snooze button seems to make her feel awful. She then brushes her teeth and uses some mouthwash and adds some lip moisturizer.


Food is the next thing on the agenda. She has a wonderful recipe that is healthy, vegetarian, and takes less than 10 minutes. Wengie starts with cutting up some mushrooms and tomatoes and placing them in a glass microwavable bowl and then adds vegetable stock with her favorite seasoning Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute. Microwave 2-3 minutes. Then she adds spinach, rocket and some avocado on top with a little salt and pepper. Toast is also great to dip in the soup. While eating she likes to watch a couple of inspiring videos to start her day with an attitude of gratitude staying away from social media and the news.


After her great breakfast she makes sure she makes her bed and then starts her morning skin care routine. Wengie skips cleansing and goes straight to a cooling toner. No need to over cleanse. Then she applies SK II essence and gives herself a face and neck message. A little sunscreen is lightly applied and then on to the everyday makeup. Wengie likes to use BB creams which are super light. Eyebrows are next using a heavy rotation eyebrow mascara. Then she contours her eyelids, sides of nose and face to make her face look slimmer. A pencil liner for eyes and then curls her lashes. Mascara is applied to upper and lower lashes.


She likes to keep her hair simple. She sleeps with pig tails braided and then lets them down in the morning to give her a light beachy look. This keeps your hair away from heat and damage. She then adds a little lip gloss and then puts on some running shorts with a loose shirt and running shoes. Ready for the day!

Magnises Opens Doors to Fun

When the word “startup” is mentioned, people usually bring to mind images of tech ventures. Upon mentioning millennials, tech is most definitely the word associated with “startup”. “Lifestyle” is now another word to be noted with “startup” thanks to the incredible work done by Magnises. Magnises is a company catering to elite millennials. Specifically, the goal of Magnises is to help millennials access great deals on hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of social access. Consider Magnises an evolved form of VIP club card.

Magnises has a lot to offer those interested in joining up. Being able to order exquisite off-menu items at fine restaurants is one perk on businessinsider.com. Access to exclusive private concerts would be another. The company/VIP service is seeking to expand the concept of the social network back to its original roots: an offline experience.

There are so many amazing and exciting things to do out in the “real world”. Millennials simply have to try and access those wonderful things. What keeps millennials from actually doing so is, sadly, the price. High costs associated with entertainment makes it extremely difficult take advantage of what is out there. Magnises provides a cost-cutting way to do so many fun and adventurous things.

Access is another reason why young persons cannot do certain things. They don’t know about all the events or special places they can visit or things they are able to do. Magnises opens the doors of access to them. Magnises’ membership reveals a host of things that may not be advertised or found elsewhere. Access is not elusive once a membership is gained.

The cost of a membership is quite reasonable. $250 is a quoted figure. Since this particular card focuses of providing deals and discounts to members, the cost pretty ends up on cnbc.com. A few 10% and 20% discounts here and there ends up repaying that $250 fee fairly quickly. Or rather the cost will be repaid the quicker the card is taken advantage of and used.

Be sure to use the card upon signing up! The biggest mistake people make when joining a VIP program is not using it.

The world is a big place and a lot of fun things are out there in the world. Being trapped by costs and a lack of access is no way to live life. Millennials can take advantage of the Magnises option and embrace all the fun that goes with it.

Devco Company: Your Investment Partner

Devco (New Brunswick Development Corporation) is a Finnish internationally recognized investment company with vast experience in creating and molding success stories through industrial and investment expertise. Devco strives within the ever-growing competition and economic tides to take medium investments to a higher and desirable level. To maximize and maintain the long term development strategies Devco has narrowed down to support for limited number of potential companies.

Devco broadly narrows it operations to:

  • Provide long term financial support to ensure the programs runs.
  • Elevate the middle class rated companies to sustainable levels.

Devco has been at the fore front in infrastructural development of the city. The company majorly takes into account the needs of various stakeholders developed and come up with all inclusive projects that get the node of public opinion. Since its genesis Devco Company has successfully managed to see the growth of about $1.7 billion viable investments. The company is always ready to risk for you to be happy.

A press release by “The Press of Atlantic City” however questioned the workability of the company projects. This was as a result of unpaid loan of $20 million. The loan was acquired to oversee the construction of “The Heldrich” a hotel and conference center. However the head of corporation Mr. Chris Paladino who foresaw the loan has since assured that the loan will be repaid in a couple of years. The company assures the stakeholder that the loan has economic impacts that are measurable though. Paladino ascertains that the blocks were turned into something special and will be even better when the loan is paid.

Devco’s director is leading a team of experts within the company in formulation of development policies. These policies are aimed at helping reduce poverty levels all over the world especially the third world countries. The company helps in providing viable steps towards the strengthening of democracy and aid. Devco, a solution to investment projects!


Technologizing The Real Estate Market

Davos Real Estate Group, an ally of the Davos Financial Group, has launched a new, yet innovative mobile-oriented program that helps real estate owners to do their calculations easily. Apart from this, the company also advises different clients on sales related ventures, lease, loans as well as keeping the real estate owners in the know about the latest trends in the real estate market.

In his analysis, David Osio has highlighted some key factors in the real estate market. Some of these highlighted factors are improved levels of performance, diversification criteria, and the ability to influence performance via improvements in property, as well as protecting investors from adjusted rental income.

Investing in real estate requires timely assessment that involves the calculation of costs linked to selling and buying of property, maintenance, and the levels of capitalization. Any real estate investment needs a proper assessment when it comes to keeping the business afloat. Some of these assessments include selling and maintenance of the property at hand, understanding capitalization levels, as well as calculating the cost associated with buying any real estate property. It’s for these reasons that Gerard Gonzalez; the Davos Real Estate Group Team Manager came up with the Davos CAP Calculator.

The Davos CAP Calculator program helps you to calculate your net property income, your cash flow, and the capitalization of your general property. With this calculator, you can enter the price of your mortgage if you happen to own one. The calculator in return will give you the terms and conditions as it stands in the current market. Whether you are operating on an iOS enabled phone or an Android phone, you can download this program for free whether from Apple Store or Google Playstore. The Davos CAP Calculator happens to be the first program of its kind to be developed by the company. The company still promises to update the app to support more functions that will allow each and every property owner to efficiently calculate their mortgages and access Multiple Listing Services (MLS).

David J. Osio is the current CEO and the founder of Davos Financial Group, an independent and licensed group that deals with the management of assets. The company also provides financial advice services to a wide array or real estate owners. In Venezuela, the Davos Financial Group was the first one to offer financial services in a comprehensive manner.

As a graduate lawyer with honors, David has overseen the tremendous growth of the company for over two decades. This type of growth can be attributed to his rich education background, as well as his unmatched experience in the real estate market.

Learn more: http://www.ktvn.com/story/32593570/financial-advisor-david-j-osio-increases-philanthropic-support-on-a-global-scale