Shaygan Kheradpir: Coriant’s New CEO Rocks On

Coriant is more successful than ever these days, earnings for end-user services alone tally in the billions, and the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, is poised to capitalize on that success. Coriant is a foundational company for the networking infrastructures of countless client companies, industrial businesses, and government agencies. They sell products and integrated support services in 100 countries around the world. Kheradpir plans to perform upgrades for all of them to bring their clients into 21st century cloud computing and high-speed networking. These clients include fixed-line networks, content providers, cable MSOs, Data Centers, and cloud provider companies.

The upgrades are not simply incremental, but actual discrete jumps to much more advanced hardware and software. One of the first upgrades at Coriant to make this possible has been bringing on Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO. His new direction for the company has definite measurable goals with important milestones defined. The first major push will be in upgrading their clients to POTS (Packet-Optical Transport Systems) with multiple layers of redundancy and ability to quickly re-configure. Such extremely high-speed digital networking systems are much more responsive and at the same time, much more fault tolerant as well.

For more than 35 years, Coriant has operated as an integration and services house. A full 90 percent of Tier 1 Communications Service Provider (CSP) companies rely on Coriant’s expert assistance. These upgrades save their client companies overhead costs through reduced complexity in their networking and cloud systems. Coriant integrates equipment from many different top brands in digital connections, including Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) optical networks. Kheradpir plans to up the game of networked clouds as well as better support for mobile business. Video streaming is another area he is aiming to dramatically improve.

Shaygan Kheradpir began his executive career at GTE telephone. He was hired by Verizon to manage their $20 million project to connect the U.S. through Fiber Optic Systems (FiOS). He has acquired 28 years of business experience in telecom, business administration, computer and networking technologies, and finance. In addition to being CEO at Coriant, he is also their Board Chairman.

He has an engineering degree from Cornell University, where he was also on the advisory board of the Engineering Council. He has served on the Board of Directors for the National Institute of Standards & Technology. He actually holds multiple degrees, including a Masters and a Ph.D.

Devco Looking To Make Progress Despite Setbacks

Non-Profit development company DEVCO is coming under scrutiny after one of the projects it helped to finance in New Brunswick has failed to meets profitability goals. The lack of profitability at the Heldrich Hotel has made The Middlesex County Improvement Authority late in its repayment of a $20 million dollar loan made to it for the project by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Although Devco officially financed the project which included a package totaling over $107 million, the $20 million dollar loan was made the responsibility of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority due to financial regulation and structuring.

Christopher J. Paladino, the president of Devco, states that while the Heldrich is not as profitable as expected, it has still been a big success. It has created hundreds of jobs. The hotel has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors. The project has transformed an abandoned block into a viable hotel. The repayment of the loan will not take place as expected, but it will be re-paid says Paladino. There are no big worries to Devco or to the hotel continues the president. It is still making a profit, albeit much less than expected he says. To read the full article on Devco and the Heldrich hotel project check out this Press of Atlantic City article.

Devco, which is also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation is a not for profit real estate development company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Its goal is to stimulate the revitalization of the community of New Brunswick by fostering investments and developments in the city of New Brunswick. The firm provides low interest loans for business development. It also helps kick start major projects throughout the city by being the primary or a major creditor, thus encouraging other investors and creditors to take part and invest in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Through its monetary policies and fiscal contributions, Devco has helped to revitalize and rebuild New Brunwick into a thriving city where residents can live, work and play and enjoy top amenities and facilities within town. The company was established in the 1970’s and has played an active role in both financing, planning and constructing numerous projects in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Keeping Employees by Making Them Happy From a Successful Boss

Losing and hiring employees is expensive for any business. According to an article in Forbes by Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online public relations and reputation management firm, it can cost a business up to 400% of an annual salary for a top-level, executive, highly specialized employee.

Lower level employee replacement is also pricey. For an entry-level worker, it can run as high as 50% of the salary to hire a new one, and 150% for a mid-level employee.
Fisher has used various techniques at his firm to keep employees from leaving. They were successful and boosted morale. His suggestions are:

• When an employee accomplishes something extremely noteworthy for the company, he or she should be recognized and acknowledged. Emails are sent to everyone praising that person. People like recognition, and getting it is a great morale booster.
• Setting goals and encouraging workers to reach them by offering rewards is also a form of recognition. For example, Fisher cites a trip to Costa Rica, tickets to a music festival, watches, and a free house-cleaning. It is important, he says, to find out what makes the staff happy. Even small companies can offer rewards, such as monthly sessions with a yoga instructor or an extra day off.
• Employees like to be kept informed. Newsletters can serve as the messenger introducing new colleagues, company successes, and new offerings. Monthly meetings serve to inform and answer questions. Both are morale-boosters.
• Raises are important and generous raises are better. An exiting employee can expect to get a 10 to 20% raise at the new job. Fisher says a “worthwhile” raise is the best way to keep a worker.
• Create special events for the workers, Fisher suggests. Examples he gives are “free lunch Fridays,” a meal catered by local food vendors; a fun event, such as a trip to a lake with aquabiking and paddling; birthday recognition; establishing healthy and creative workspaces decorated by the employee; a pet-friendly environment allowing dogs and other animals in the office for the convenience of the owner who may have to leave work to care for Fido. These types of activities are all initiated to keep morale up.

According to Fisher, the solution “is to find out what makes your employees happy. Once you do that, you can understand what motivates people and take the steps necessary to achieve an environment that makes them an asset to your team.”

Fisher’s firm, Status Labs, helps repair the reputations of noteworthy individuals whose online personas have been damaged. His goal has been to create a body of positive information about the client to combat the negative.

He has offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paolo. He has 1500 clients in 35 nations. In addition to reputation management, Status Labs also is involved in Public Relations, crisis response, social media marketing, content marketing and SEO.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah


A financial services company that has been on the rise of success since day one is called Solo Capital. Solo Capital has offices located in London and Dubai and was originally founded in 2011 by business professional, Sanjay Shah. The investment firm is also referred to under two other orders of business names. They are called Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The concentrate their specialty efforts of expertise on proprietary trading and consulting. They also offer professional sports investments. Sanjay Shah also owns and operates Solo Group Holdings and Aesa S.a.r.l. Bother are linked together in the form of operating order. Solo Capital Partners is responsible for the ownership and control of Solo Group Holdings and Aesa S.a.r.l is responsible and control the functional operations of Solo Group Holdings. As you can see, Shah is a successful business man who also has companies across the country. He currently owns and founded over 36 companies. Some of which are located in London, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Malta and The British Virgin Islands. Shah was quite successful prior to starting Solo Capital as well, and decided to take over the Old Park Lane Capital in 2014. It is known for it’s invitation only stockbroker business that specializes in natural resources. As of Januray 2016, his estimated net worth is over $250 million. With his successful business running strong and solid, he has finally considered himself retired.

Sanjay Shah wasn’t always in the investment and financial side of business. He was interested in the healthcare side, specifically becoming a physician. After attending King’s College for several semesters, he decided that becoming a doctor wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore. He changed his major to study accounting, and eventually graduated here he would end up working at an accounting firm. He worked at several financial institutes over the years until he finally decided to start Solo Capital. He was originally from Kenya, and moved to London to start his business careers.

Another company that he recently started an has invested a lot of his time in is called Autism Rocks. He launched the company in 2014 and started staging gigs all over the work featuring musicians that helped aid in donations and helped to raise awareness for autism. He has been able to donate some of the funds to university programs to help them, as well as patient’s and families, to better understand the neurological condition. It wasn’t always something that was truly studied in the past, so not a lot of people know about it. Many more people are becoming diagnosed with the condition and he hopes that someday they can help find the cause and help those in need.

Melissa Click is Trying to Make Up for Past Mistakes

Melissa Click is a University of Missouri assistant faculty member that is currently under suspension for saying and doing the wrong things during a student protest. In November of 2015 the campus at University of Missouri was chaotic as students protested the negative racial incidents that were taking place on campus. Black students on campus eventually protested. The incident led to the removal of two high officials on the campus.

Melissa Click was present during the on-campus protests last November. She was trying get the crowds to disperse and called for some muscle to get rid of a cameraman who trying to record the event. Click said and did some things that were deemed unsatisfactory by the university. The university was outraged over her behavior and suspended her. Third-degree felony charges were filed against her as well. Click had to leave the university though many faculty members stood behind her.

After Click had left Missouri she had to remain out of sight until this situation had died down. Now, the Missouri staff member is trying get her life back in order. One way that she is going about doing this is by hiring the team of Status Labs. This is a reputation management company that specializes in helping people to recover their reputations after they have been negatively impacted.

Status Labs is a proven online reputation company that has the ability to restore a person’s character after it has been badly damaged. Click’s situation is bad enough where reputation management services is needed to get it back on track.

Keep in mind that the internet is now the number one place where people find out information about other individuals. The wrong type of information can severely damage a person’s ability to get a job and even to form a family. So, having the right type of reputation services can help to get a person back online. This company has the ability to reduce negative online feedback and get a person back in good standing.

A Company That Has Always Made Superior Quality Dog Food

A recent online article stated how the pet food industry has taken its place in the world of big business. The article disclosed the astronomical dollar amount this industry was currently bring in, which was well over 20 billion dollars. The article also featured statements from some of the people behind the scenes in the pet food industry, who shared their thoughts on the changes that have taken place. Most of the executives within this industry attribute the increased revenue to the improved quality of the food they produce for pets. One dog food executive went so far as to sample a piece of their product as it rolled off the machine.

Products Made with Real Ingredients

While many dog food manufacturing companies are changing their formulas to meet the growing demand by pet owners for real ingredients, one company has no need to change its products. The Beneful line of products has always been made using real ingredients. This line is one of several produced by Purinastore, which is a company that has been making superior quality food for animals since 1894. Founder William Danforth had strong beliefs in leading a healthy life, which he brought to his pet food manufacturing company more than a century ago. These same values are still present in the people who create the Beneful line of dog food products.

The superior quality of the ingredients used in the Beneful line is a result of the high values the people behind the scenes have for their own pets. Everyone on the team from nutrition to production, makes sure the products they create are good enough to serve to their own beloved pets. The wide array of varieties offered in this line include ingredients such as peas, apples, carrots, spinach, chicken, lamb and beef. These real ingredients not only enhance the taste and appearance of the products, they also enhance the nutritional value. From puppies to mature adults, the products available in the Beneful line take care of all a dog’s nutritional needs.