Talk Fusion Really Is Something to Talk About

Talk Fusion may be one of the most interesting companies that I have come across in the last two years. This is a company that has a lot of products that enhance communication. I think that everyone in the business world could benefit from the products that this company has.

I am a fan of the video conferencing. This is one of the best things from the Talk Fusion product line. I work in video editing with an up and coming group of musicians. I am actually in the process of working on their very first video. These musicians know music, but they are not what one might call tech savvy. Talk Fusion has made it easy to communicate through video with all the technical jargon. We don’t live in the same area, but I have been able to communicate back and forth on the video concepts with the Talk Fusion Video Conferencing.

This is one of the best products because it allows me to share video and share screens. The video is coming along nicely, and we are trying to keep things under wraps. I didn’t want to upload it to the cloud or send anything through email. I wanted to make sure that we had a private conference session to communicate, and the Talk Fusion software allowed us to do so.

The group that I am doing the video editing for is really exciting about the video, but they were probably equally excited about what I have been to share with the virtual table that is part of the Talk Fusion software platform for video conferencing. It certainly has become my favorite thing when it comes to communication.

I have not had a chance to play around with the video email yet, but I am sure that this will work well for my other clients that I am try to reach. I have a lot of projects on the tablet, and I plan to utilize Talk Fusion to get all of these projects going. Any communication software that is easy to use is a plus for my clients.

Read up on Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion

Helane Morrison Defender of Fair Investment

Helane Morrison is a name that is synonymous with integrity, and fairness. Once again, she is bringing integrity and fairness to the investment world. After the global economic crisis began in August of 2007, people have become worried and untrusting of big corporations. As more and more corruption was exposed, people began to take control of their own money and investments, which sometimes poses a greater risk for the inexperienced investor. 

As we near the 2016 presidential election, we see that the public is stressed about the economy. Voters tend to move toward candidates that give economic hope Hirsch Organization founder, Yale Hirsch, maintains that there is evidence that presidential elections do have an impact on the stock market. Investors historically wait to see who will be elected, and what fiscal policies the new president brings to the table. It is during this time of unrest that the risk of investors being taken advantage of is highest.

Helane Morrison is just the person who will fight for the protection of investors. Helane Morrison has a back ground in journalism, law, and government service. Above all, Ms. Morrison is consistent in her integrity and determination for equality in investing. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Northwestern University, Illinois. She furthered her education at the University Of California Berkley School Of Law. She clerked at the U.S. Court of Appeals after passing the bar. It was her time spent working for Supreme Court Justice; Harry A. Blackman that Morrison developed her own passion for equality.

After her work with Blackman, Morrison moved onto work in a private practice spending ten years in business litigation and defense of private securities. Her main career focus emerged during these years, as she defended those affected by violation of security laws. Later, she was invited to take a position at the San Francisco office of U.S. Securities and Exchange where she protected corporations and individuals against fraud.

Today, Morrison has joined Hall Capital, one of the most successful investment advisory firms in San Francisco. She joined President Sarah Stein and Co-Chief Investment officer Kathryn Hall, as managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Hall Capital is a unique financial company which is run completely by women. Morrison brings solid, ethical integrity to Hall Capital as she makes it a company priority to protect every investment made on their client’s behalf.

Learn more about Helane’s prolific career via Bloomberg’s profile or check her out on her LinkedIn account as follows:

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Shares Fashion Breaking Rules

In a recent Bustle article, Doe Deere, CEO of the infamously colorful cosmetics line, Lime Crime, has given us all her take on how to create your own fashion savvy look – that is by breaking longstanding rules, yet doing so with a stylish flair that has defined the Lime Crime brand. Here a just a few of her pointers on how to make a fashion statement and viewing fashion rules as suggestions, not binding obligations.

  • To pull off a jazzy color ensemble, make sure the colors coordinate and avoid looking garish. Follow your instincts when incorporating splashes of color; make sure to pull together the hair and make-up shades in as well.
  • Colorful socks and tights can be a valuable accessory, and Ms. Deere advocates wearing such with heels or open-toe shoes. Socks, similar to a great piece of jewelry, can be a statement piece and a lot of fun to work into your winter wardrobe.
  • Style laws that admonish too much color or too much personality are obsolete. Feel free to wear black or neutral outfits with a vibrant hair color. This can be pulled off if you pay attention to color intensities such as pastel hair color with light and airy colors such as pale denims, blues yellows and pinks.
  • Throw away the idea of not wearing bold lip color with bold eye color. Doe Deere admits to breaking this rule on a daily basis with her signature mix and match colors to your heart’s delight signature style.

Doe Deere was born in Russia in 1981, yet she grew in New York City and currently resides on the West Coast. Her exuberant sense of style and love of vibrant colors caused her to notice the cosmetics industry lacked pigment intense colors and most eye shadows tended towards sheer, while lipsticks were not true to color. So in 2008 she started her 100% vegan, cruelty free cosmetic line, where she maintains one hundred percent control over what goes into her products.

In a recent Galore Magazine interview, Doe Deere explained her trial and error process of developing her now deft talent of combining color palettes and hues. In 2006,while posting what she then called experimental make-up looks online and discovering theatrical make-up, a whole new world of glitter and rhinestone enhanced make-up looks began. From constant experimentation with looks like total glitter make-up, her online following began to explode almost overnight. By bringing those elements of fun and experimentation into her Lime Crime cosmetics, thousands of girls have found a new freedom in self expression, that’s not bound by the rules of their mothers and grandmothers.

Dogs Like To Eat Fancy Too

The dog food industry is booming. Right now it is estimated to be a $23 billion industry on Amazon. Dog owners on Facebook are switching from traditional ways of feeding their beloved pets. They have all different types of Beneful dog food out nowadays. There is frozen food to organic food. The organic food wave has hit us all whether we vow to feed it to our children or our pets. With the quality of food raising in the dog food world the demand for more creative and delicious meals for they canines is rising as well. You can go into the supermarket and buy your dog food in the same isle as your food now, i think we love our dogs a little too much but hey what is wrong with that. There is an amazing selection of food in your local Beneful pet store from beef stroganoff to the original dog chow that you have been getting for years. Staple dog food companies such as Purina Dog Chow has not changed much. They are still your favorite except they use healthier ingredients now. With the use of real chicken and lamb you can feel confident that you are taking the best care of your loved animal as possible. Other companies are using expensive fresh meats in the dog food which has its dis advantages. For one it is way more expensive. The companies tat are using the expensive ingredients are not changing though. We love our pets so much that everyone is expecting to turn a profit this year.


Beneful Premium Dog Food With Real Chicken

What’s the point of wasting your money on cheap dog foods at the pet store when there are better foods out there? I’m talking about buying the premium dog foods for your dog instead of that slop that comes in a can. It’s disgusting to me that the cheaper dog food companies get away with making such awful products when there are other companies that care so much about what they make. If anyone out there is reading this and actually cares about their dog, then you should rush to the pet store now to pick up premium dog foods because your dog needs them.

What You Don’t Know About Dog Foods

You need to do your research on what your dog is eating. You do research on what you should be eating. You’ve probably even taken a health class before where the teacher went over what is nutritious for your diet, so spend some time researching what your dog needs to eat because it will mean a lot to their lifestyle. There’s an article from the Daily Herald that will get you started in your research. It talks about what the premium dog food companies do to make their brands better than the rest.

Did you know that premium companies like Beneful have people that they pay to taste their dog foods? Beneful actually cares about what goes into the recipe, too. That is why they will buy the highest quality of ingredients for their blends. They make this one food for dogs that is called Purinastore’s Beneful Chopped Blends, and I think it smells good enough for me to eat. If it came down to it, I would try some of the Chopped Blends over any other dog food that I have seen.

Chopped Blends has real pieces of chicken in it. They have over varieties that contain real beef or salmon. It gets my dog excited to see me open up a container of Chopped Blends in the morning. Maybe your dog would like to try some premium dog food from Beneful. Here’s the Daily Herald’s article.



Using Wikipedia for Your Own Business Needs

Wikipedia has been a trusted site to go to for many years and continues to thrive on the Internet as the number one source of information for those looking for help. You might have noticed that Wikipedia editors have had a gender equality problem in the past. This is due largely in part to the fact that nine out of every 10 editors of Wikipedia are male. Because of this, more and more female Wikipedia editors are starting to show their faces and are making their own mark on the editing world on the website itself. This has helped the site to transform and become more gender equal with lots of editing being done by women from all over the planet.

You might have also noticed that there has been a trend in business owners utilizing Wikipedia to market and advertise their companies. This is a great way to get better noticed and know that you are doing something beneficial for your own well-being and the future of your company. Having your very own Wikipedia page is great because it is just another venue to market on. You might even notice that people who would not have otherwise found you on the Internet doing a search will find and search your own Wikipedia page and may even be inclined to make use of the services that you happen to offer.

Now that you are aware of how important it is for you to make a Wikipedia page, it is just as important for you to be using a professional team of Wiki writers for hire like Get Your Wiki. These experts are there to aid in the Wikipedia business page creation that you need and it is just what you need to help out with getting your business better noticed. Get Your Wiki is a team of expert Wikipedia writers who specifically create Wikipedia pages for a living, so you will know that they can do an amazing job of creating a page that is right for you. This is the best time for you to make your own Wikipedia page simply because of the fact that you will get noticed more often and may even increase your revenue because of this. You will want to work with the pros because they know the rules and guidelines of Wikipedia in and out and will be able to better use this to their advantage when making a page.

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Yeonmi Park’s Journey to Freedom

The harrowing story of Yeonmi Park is a victory, as it gives a clear picture of human strength. Born during the rise of the Soviet Union, Yeonmi Park experienced violence and starvation. Her father was a civil servant for the ruling Working Party. He was later sentenced to 17 years in labor camp for smuggling metal in order to take care of his starving family. As part of her father’s punishment, Park, her mother and sister were later relegated to the margins of society. Yeonmi Park’s childhood was characterized by fear due to the brutal atmosphere of Kim’s dictatorship. The World Post reports that when they could no longer stand the harsh environment, they fled to the North, which was another 2-year journey of oppression. At one point, the 13 year old Park watched her mother being raped and violated. They were both later trafficked with Yeonmi being sold for $260. They were exposed to sex slavery and later released. Her father joined them but he later succumbed to colon cancer. A solid determination for freedom saw Yeonmi and her mother again pass through Gobi Desert to South Korea where Yeonmi was able to resume school. Yeonmi enrolled at Dongguk University. She is now a human rights activist who is determined to shed light on the oppression and suffering of the people of North Korea. She is the face and voice of the 25 million people living in fear, torture, devotion and starvation. During the interview with the Establishment, Yeonmi Park said that North Koreans do not know their rights and need to be educated in order to tell their stories. The thought of the whole nation’s oppression being ignored by the outside world fueled Yeonmi’s activism on youngvoicesadvocates. Today, she is committed to letting the world now what her people go through. She also seeks for solutions. This information was published on as highlighted in the link below Yeonmi Park has written a book, In Order TO Live, which she hopes will shed light on the darkest place of the world, which the outside world jokes about. She insists that the suffering of 25 million people should not be joked about, pointing out how people joke about Kim’s haircut and fatness. She hopes the world will read her book and listen to the plight of the North Koreans. This information was originally mentioned on The Guardian as posited in the following link

Beauty Tips From Fashionista Doe Deere

Each day, people around the world make fashion and style choices. They spend time thinking about the kind of outfit that is right for their planned day. Someone may want to spend time during the day shopping and then go out to eat with friends. Another person may need an outfit that can get her through a meeting with her clients or with her co-workers. Any outfit she chooses to wear during that day will need to be thought about as carefully as possible even before she starts her day. Many people find that it makes sense for them to follow someone else who knows how to create a look that will work at all times.

Those who are looking for fashion tips they can actually use in real life will find it in a recent article in Bustle Magazine. Here, fashionista Doe Deere talks about her own personal fashion rules and how she uses such rules to create looks that are right for about any occasion someone might have in mind. In her world, rules exist but they can also be broken very successfully. She knows that it makes sense to be aware of such rules but also to be aware of how to play with them. In her world, a world that many of her devoted fans have adored, it is possible to have a full eye and a full lip and still look fabulous.

Deere has made fashion her life. As one of the most well known of all internet entrepreneurs, she has helped bring makeup to people around the world that is made by her and is both unique and high quality. Her beloved fashion makeup company, Lime Crime is one of the most successful of all internet makeup companies, allowing her to be able to bring fashion right to the door of her fans. She has spent time learning about how to create her own makeup line. This has allowed her to create a company that is all about creating a personal fashion style that works in any context. She knows that her fans look to her for inspiration and advice. They know she can deliver it for them at all times. They also know that she can help them get products that help them discover how she can help them find such style and use it as a springboard to their own fashion quest.